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Specialist In Distributing Items From Global Manufacturers

We seek agile and competitive solutions for different demands for equipment and spare parts.

Guaranteed Quality

We only work with certified manufacturers, guaranteeing high reliability and performance products.

Fast Delivery

Efficient and agile logistics to ensure that your order arrives on time, regardless of location.

Specialized Technical Support

Technical team available 24/7 for full support and quick solutions to your needs.

About Us

Your Global Contact For International Purchasing

JDPG is your global contact for the purchase of all highly critical and high-performance equipment and spare parts for the oil & gas, naval, energy and industrial sectors. The company has a dynamic structure and is attentive to market demands, fundamental factors for sustainable growth and recognition of service.

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Our Services

Import And Export

We offer a complete import and export service for equipment and spare parts, ensuring that you receive quality products in the shortest possible time.

High Criticality Equipment

We provide equipment that is essential for the safe and efficient running of operations in critical sectors such as oil & gas, marine, energy and industrial.

High Performance
Replacement Parts

Our replacement parts are selected to ensure durability and efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


We offer a specialized sourcing service, connecting your company to the best global suppliers. We optimize your supply chain to ensure quality and efficiency.


Our trading service facilitates global negotiations, ensuring fast and secure transactions. We connect your company to international markets to maximize growth opportunities.

Audit And Quality

Our Audit and Quality service ensures compliance and operational excellence. We carry out detailed audits to improve processes and ensure high quality standards.

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Complete Services To Meet Your Global Needs

With years of experience, our mission is to ensure that our customers receive equipment and replacement parts that meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

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How We Work

Strategic Partnerships

We work with globally renowned manufacturers to ensure the quality and reliability of the products we offer.

Efficient Logistics

We manage the entire logistics chain, from origin to delivery, ensuring that products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Technical Support

Our technical team is always on hand to offer support and ensure you get the most from your equipment and spare parts.